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Taverna Pellegrini offers both a relaxed atmosphere and a sports bar, something for families, couples, students and seniors. "That's why I call it a tavern. It's a casual setting, but we make everything from scratch, so it's fine food, good quality food, but very homey and rustic." Dario Hadjian, owner of Pellegrini restaurants.


On the menu you'll see many of Roman Italian specialties, from the classic bruschetta made with melted fontina cheese and sautéed mushrooms to mista and arugula salads, an array of wood-fired pizzas and paninis, and no shortage of primis and secondis. The restaurant has a full bar and a generous wine list.


With seating for up to 100 guests, the Tuscan-inspired space is brightly painted and divided into a partially-enclosed front dining room with window seats, a central bar with plenty of stools and two television screens, and a back section of two- and four-top tables.


Specialties of the house include spinach, meat, crab, squash, and lobster raviolis (each of which is made daily by hand and uniquely colored); wood-fired pizzas, and saltimbocca alla piemontese - a butterflied chicken breast filled with prosciutto and mozzarella and served in a cream sage sauce with steamed vegetables and herbed potatoes. Though it's a calorie-dense dish, the saltimbocca is surprisingly light, the sauce thin and simple, rich in flavor, but not overly heavy.


The taverna is currently open seven days a week for dinner only, with plans for brunch and lunch options in the near future.



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